The following programs are available:

Keynotes (Up to 90 minutes)

• Thinking Outside the Piñata – Busting Open the Myths and Musts of US Hispanic Marketing

In today’s economy, what business can afford to overlook Latino consumers, a group who last year spent more than 928 billion dollars – a leap of 200 billion more than they spent in 2005. In this incisive, sometimes humorous and candid keynote presentation, industry expert Rochelle Newman-Carrasco takes aim at the myths and missteps that have held some companies back. She also shares innovative ideas that have allowed others to succeed.

This keynote will give audiences actionable information and insights into

- Who this consumer is?
- Why the Latino immigrant experience has been distinct from other immigrants
- How to start a US Hispanic initiative and deliver ROI
- Best practices from marketers who have made a commitment to creativity and innovation in the U.S. Hispanic marketing space.

Attendees will gain:

- the ability to increase market share and develop strategically appropriate but targeted programs with measurable potential to deliver results.
- An increased understanding of your existing Latino consumers or of missed consumer opportunities for increased traffic, loyalty or other relevant consumer-brand connections.
- An ability to think creatively and to innovate in the US Hispanic marketing space, thus gaining a competitive advantage.

• Beyond Language – How to develop in-culture advertising that speaks to bilingual, bicultural Latinos.

Hispanic marketing is often thought to be specifically Spanish language advertising. The emphasis on the Spanish language as a marketing tool traces back to the origins of U.S. Hispanic marketing. It is, however, only one tool in the full arsenal for reaching out to this important audience.

In this keynote, audiences will get a behind the scenes look at the early history of U.S. Hispanic marketing and its focus on the Spanish language. Other actionable learnings include:

- When to use Spanish, English, Spanglish and why
- The difference between in-language and in-culture
- A deeper understanding of the bilingual, bicultural mind

Attendees will gain:

- An ability to work more efficiently and effectively, avoiding missteps and mistakes that can cost millions in expenditures and reputation
- The foresight to address the ever-changing needs of the U.S. Latino community as it becomes more diverse and more a part of every aspect of your business – making you and your company a thought and change leader

Breakouts or Workshops (up to 3 hours)

  • Census 2010 and the Latino Boom: A demographic and psychographic introduction to Hispanic America.

 The 2010 Census will reveal an even stronger Latino population and buying power than estimates projected.  Understanding the information in its totality is important, but even more critical is understanding how this new data relates to meaningful market segmentation.

  • Retail Resonance – How to transform a retail environment into a Latino-friendly experience for increased ROI

Whether it’s a bank branch, a supermarket, department store, hospital, restaurant or any other retailer or brick and mortar service industry environment, the retail experience can be more or less positive from a cultural relevance standpoint.  This can impact sales dramatically because the proper environment will lead to more time spent interacting with the retailer or service provider.  The bottom line is increased sales and loyalty.  Find out how to create the right environment for generating measurable results – an environment that is relevant to the Latino consumer without being alienating to non-Latino clientele.

  • From Cradle to Crave – Latinos and Food

This presentation will expose you to the role food plays in the lives of bilingual, bicultural Latino consumers, and encourage you to create new products, new positioning and other business building tools from deep rooted consumer insights.  Using video consumer interviews, we will explore such themes as:

  • The influence of foreign born parents on US born children
  • New mothers who want to pass on traditions (they never quite learned themselves)
  • Attitudes toward nutrition and dieting
  • Cravings

Insights gained during this session can be made actionable by participants in ways that include:

  • developing a new business opportunity,
  • creating a line extension, and
  • making  your brand relevant to the growing bilingual, bicultural Latino population.

Industry Specific Presentations customized upon request.

Rochelle also conducts In-house Training, Consulting and Workshops.

For more about Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, click here to go to her Bio and Career Highlights.

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